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Great Variety

Check out this pic of Havana Bob's Cuban Cigars Huge Cigar Collection inside the humidor.

Your Cigar Accessories

Havana Bob's Cuban Cigars Cozumel, has lots different accessories from you to choose from.

Best Cuban Brands

Tom- "Havana Bob's always has the humidor stocked with the most premium brands around and with prices this low its amazing he always keeps his cigars in stock."

Explore New Varieties

Come try Havana Bob's huge varieties of different blends and find which cigar will become your favorite. Bob is Cozumel Cigar Expert, and will help you find your perfect cigar.

Huge Humidor

This Pic shows you how large Havana Bob's Cuban Cigars Humidor really is and is the reason why so many say his authentic cigars are always fresh.

Best Cigar Cutters

Check out Havana Bob's fine collection for Cigar Cutters that will cut your authentic Cuban Cigar perfectly.

More Humidors and Accessories

Havana Bob's has a good selection of quality lighters, cigar, cutters, and much more.

Variety of Premium Cigars

Havana Bob's Cuban Cigars has an excellent selection of authentic cigars from all over. These cigars range from mild to strong.

Real Premiuim Cohibas

Come get your Premium Authentic & Certified Cohiba right here at Havana Bob's one of the only Authentic Cigar Shops in Cozumel Island Mexico

Authentic Cuban Cigars

Havana Bob's carries a wide range of authentic certified Cubans in Cozumel Island. Rated #1 Cigar Shop in Cozumel!

Smokeless Tobacco

A wide variety of smokeless tobacco is also available at Havana Bob's Cuban Cigars. Find your favorite brand and save.

Spacious Humidor

Check out this very spacious humidor that helps Havana Bob's Keep his Premium authentic cigars the freshest.

Walk-In Humidor

Browse Havana Bob's large Cuban Cigar selection inside the walk-in Humidor that keeps the cigars nice and fresh.

Trusted Cuban Source

Once you try Havana Bob's Authentic Cuba Cigars you'll come back many times because of the fresh taste and the prices are amazing.

Storage and Transport

Havana Bob's has stocks of many different humidors and accessories for you to choose from to make cigar smoking easier and more ejoyable. These premium humidors will keep your Cuban cigars fresh for a long time.